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A Collection of Hewat Pictures (click to enlarge)

In 1619 (the year of the Mayflower) Peter Hewat was exiled to Crossraguel Abbey, near Maybol on the west coast, later sacked by the English, as shown here. I don't know how Peter Hewat was related to present-day Hewats, but either he or his father was the first to spell the name that way in the mid 16th century. Peter had been a 'notaire' (lawyer) in Edinburgh, a member of the Scottish parlement as well as a leader in the reformed Church and the last "abbot" of Crossraguel. It was for opposing the church policy of James VI of Scotland (who had become James I of England) that Peter was exiled. The belongings at the death of Peter Hewat, minister at Maybol were recorded on 18/01/1648 at the GLASGOW COMMISSARY COURT document CC9/7/30 which can be downloaded from the Wills & Testaments section of Scotland's People.

Dr Alexander Hewat (1739-1824) was the first historian of South Carolina and Georgia, and the brother of Captain Andrew Hewat, a loyalist planter in South Carolina and my gggg grandfather (courtesy of Dianne Kelly (USA) via Victoria Dunlop).

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hewat (1864-1944) - one of the early Hewat family historians, courtesy of John Hewat (Cape Town) via Dianne Kelly. Lizzie was the daughter of Thomas Duxbury Hewat (1838-1868), my ggg grandfather William's second son. Lizzie was a missionary in Egypt and tried to stay in touch with Hewats throughout the world, as well as researching the family history.

Bob in 1996 with (click) Bob and Rob Hewat's family at home in Vancouver. From left at back Scott (Shelley's husband), Roberta, a friend, Robert (Bob) with two Japanese exchange students, and daughter Shelley with her dog Jasper (172K). And here is Bob and Rob's first grandaughter Emily Lindsay Lytle, born 12 August 1997, with mother Shelley.

Alan in 1996 with (click) Alan and wife Elizabeth in the French Alpes, at home in Grenoble as "typical" French-Australians (note the Scots pine beside the Australian Gum tree in the background), Elizabeth equiped for her never-ending search for "ailleurs" ("elsewhere"), Elizabeth with Alan "graduating" in Sweden.(308K) Here are some more pictures of Alan's family.

Victoria Dunlop with (click) Chris, Victoria, Jeremy and Caitlin in Kuala Lumpar, Nov. 1985, plus Jeremy and Caitlin in Carcassonne, France, Oct. 1991. (264K) Here are some more pictures of Victoria's family.

Dianne Kelly with family. Back row: Jime Hamilton, Peter Kelly, David Kelly, Dale Herrero, Christopher Kelly. 2nd back: Cathy Chiary, Jim Hamilton, Paul Chiary, Dianne Kelly. 3rd back: Jocelyn Chiary, Stephenie Herrero, Elinor Hamilton, Gayle Hamilton, Bryan Kelly. Front row: Andrew Chiary, Jamie Herrero, Allison Chiary, Jill Herrero. Front seated: Hazel Chiary. (220K) Here are some more pictures of Dianne's family.

Ardonna Hewat, who has moved to a century old log cabin outside Arthur, Ontario and retaken her maiden name of Hewat. She writes "I do not expect to change my name again as I was born Hewat & intend to stay a Hewat. I am proud of my father & grandfather for the contributions they made to their communities & proud of the Hewat name". Here is Ardonna's family brother Bob, Ardonna, sister Nancy & mother Fran Hewat (seated). You can also visit Ardonna's WWW page

Bruce Hewat (click to enlarge) in Ontario Canada writes "I have launched my Solo drumming career this month. I managed to take a fifth in the Montreal Highland games which means my name is on the Pipers and Pipe band society of Ontario Web site. I went through my grandfather's files and I have a photocopy of all of the good stuff. Here is a transcript of a letter to my GGGgrandmother Jane Johnstone, from her soon to be husband Andrew Hewat, who was studying to be a chemist in England at the time."

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