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Andrew Hewat of Canada

Bruce Hewat in Ontario Canada writes "I went through my grandfather's files and I have a photocopy of all of the good stuff. Here is a transcript of a letter to my GGGgrandmother Jane Johnstone, from her soon to be husband Andrew Hewat, who was studying to be a chemist in England at the time."

Dumphry 16th July 1845

My Dear Jane

I have waited impatiently for some days for an opportunity of writing you and am happy to say shame found one, now- I am in expectation of a call to Liverpool to the apothecaries Company then an establishment carried on by the Medical Men and the largest in town; I think I shall now wish to leave the back of the Country for ever, and I do assure you I will do so with great delight; I am to have a Clerkship at first the salary not large but as it is as good opening and great prospect of any getting on I don't mind much for one year I saw the manager a Mr. Wingate him last week and from him I had the offer a very wise Gentleman; you may quite a remark he made for Miss. Spindolas satisfaction when she talks of the Scotch in a despairing manner again; "confound these English fellows they are not to be trusted with a single thing I have had more bother with them than tongue can wag"
I had fondly anticipated spending a day or so with you before I left but in this life you see there are nothing but disappointments and I find now it will be impossible I will not see one of my relations either and some of them I have not been with for four years I would have had so much to talk about to you before a separation of at leat a year but I doubt much my being able to get home the first summer but we must live and hope the best and I also hope the time may not be far distant when I may be able to return not with a star on my breast as poetry would have it but with something more substantial and with what is more to me than Glory or Renown a tender affectionate and confiding port: now for weal or woo when we will be able to say with the poch we've lived ad loved together, through many a changing year, we've shared each others gladness and joined in every tear; In a year or so if I can only get Mr. Wingate to let me take this part of the country instead of himself I should see you every three months as the north is taken in with this,- Now my dear Jane you must write me in a few days; and I will let you hear further before leaving and believe me wherever I may roam my affections will be centred on one little spott of this pretty country now good bye

Yours very Faithfully
Andrew Hewat

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