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A Collection of Dianne Kelly's Hewat Family Pictures (click to enlarge)

Andrew (1839-1909) was the third son of William Hewat and Sarah Duxbury. He was the first of their children born in Ireland after they left Edinburgh, and married Elizabeth Usher Hewat (1852-1901) in South Africa. (Dianne Kelly) (209K)

Elizabeth Usher Hewat (1852-1901). Elizabeth's parents, George and Caroline Usher had come to South Africa in 1851 or so, and George had become a very prominent citizen (bank board-of-directors and so forth.) We think that Caroline was a widow by the time Andrew (1839-1909) came into the picture. (Dianne Kelly) (209K)

Andrew Hewat (1839-1909) c 1908 with family in South Africa. From back: Gwendolyn Barbara (1894-1992), Gladys Sarah (1891-1969), Blanche Mary (1883-1972). In front; Ronald Duxbury (1887-1944), Andrew with William Duxbury "Duxie" (1897-1918), Mabel Evelyn (1881-1942), Lionel Arthur "Lenny" (1889-early 40's). Blanche, who basically raised the younger 5 children after her parents died, kept letters from her brothers that they wrote during the war. All 3 brothers fought together in France; the great tragedy for the family was for the "baby", William Duxbury, to die in WWI in 1918 in France. He was 21 years old and missing in action for many months. Both of his parents were long dead (Elizabeth in 1901 and Andrew in 1909), but the rest of the family never really got over it (407K).

Peter & Jenny G. wrote 5/3/12 "In the above photograph of Andrew with his children taken in South Africa in 1908, his eldest daughter Amy is missing. The photo shows Andrew with seven of his children. We know that three died - the twins and the two year old daughter - which gives us 10 children. If we add Amy we now have the 11 children referred to in the documents.

With regard to Amy, she was born in King Williams Town on 18 September 1878 and died in the Transvaal on 5 August 1950 and was the eldest of the surviving children. By the time the photo was taken Amy was married to a Henry Harvey Crake Bunting (the local post master) and they had four small children: Audrey Claire (1898 - 1977); Doreen Amy (1901 - 1982); Beatrice Alma (1903 - 2000) and Arthur Raymond (1905 - 1967).

Beatrice Alma Bunting (Babs) Rens is my wife, Jennifer's mother. I have managed to find this picture of them . From the top left to right is Babs Bunting Rens and Amy Hewat Bunting, and bottom left my wife Jennifer and her sister Patricia. We think the photo was taken in about 1945."

Blanche Hewat and Harold Bower c 1920, probably in Edinburgh where Dianne Kelly's grandfather was going to the university after WWI. They had married in 1915 when he was home on leave from the war. Dianne's mother, Hazel Hewat Bower, who was born in Edinburgh, is the eldest of their 3 children. (220K)

Hazel Hewat Bower and August Chiary's marriage 1946 USA. These are Dianne Kelly's parents. (385K)

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