Making Matter

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  • The scientific content is due to Dr A.W. Hewat, who welcomes suggestions for improvement. It is meant for a popular audience, but is hopefully of interest to physicists and chemists working with materials, and of course students.

  • The 3D structure drawings were produced in VRML by Marcus Hewat's xtal-3d application. They were checked on a 120 MHz Pentium machine running Netscape 4.5 with the SGI Cosmo 2.1 Windows VRML plug-in.

  • The 2D drawings are simple screen captures of the 3D drawings displayed on a Silicon Graphics Elan machine using the SGI VRML-Inventor viewer ivview. The small drawings were automatically reduced from the large versions by Benjamin Franz's htmlthumbnail perl Unix script, after modifying it according to his suggestions to produce GIF rather than JPEG (larger files but sharper edges in drawings).

  • Some information on gemstones was obtained from various WWW sources, and especially John Miller's Gemnology pages, to whom we are particularly indepted for the delightful word chatoyance.

  • The section on layered materials and clay minerals was corrected by Dr Dewey Moore, Senior Clay Mineralogist with the Illinois State Geological Survey, to whom we are indepted for his many suggestions. See Moore, D.M. and Reynolds, R.C. Jr. X-ray Diffraction and the Identification and Analysis of Clay Minerals, 2nd Ed., Oxford University Press (1997).

  • Other sources on the WWW are referenced as appropriate in the text.

    For further WWW reading, please see the following:

  • The ICSD-for-WWW Inorganic Crystal Structure Database.
  • ILL's database of VRML superconductor structures.
  • ILL's database of VRML zeolite structures.
  • The International Zeolite Association's Zeolite Atlas.
  • Henry Rzepa's Virtual Chemistry pages at Imperial College.
  • Horst Vollhardt's VRML in Chemistry at Darmstadt.
  • Armel le Bail's review of VRML in crystallography.
  • Steven Heyes' lectures on inorganic solids at Oxford University.
  • Karl Harrison's virtual chemistry laboratory at Oxford University.
  • The Mineralogical Society of America database of mineral structures.
  • Larry Finger's high pressure mineral structures.
  • Joe Smyth's mineral structures at the University of Colorado.
  • Dave Sherman's mineralogy home pages at Bristol University.
  • Steven Dutch's minerals lectures
  • Robert Harter's phyllosilicates (clay) pages.
  • Garrison Sposito's Molecular Simulations of Hydrated Montmorillonite Interlayers.

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