The CCP14 mirror of the 2005 ILL Home Page of Alan Hewat

Together with PDF copies of early 2000s lectures and unique statistics of citations to 1981-1997 ILL scientific papers.
This information is no longer available at ILL, and some links are broken, but the essentials are there.

History of the ILL from a personal perspective (Alan Hewat 2011)

Bernard Jacrot, the founding French Associate Director, has already written an excellent book on the history of the Institute from the perspective of a local participant in its construction. His history was summarised on the occasion of the ILL's 30th anniversary, along with a biography of the founding Director, Heinz Maier-Liebnitz by Toni Heidemann, his student and long-time ILL Staff Scientist. The purpose of this essay is simply to describe the ILL's history from the perspective of one of the first 'British' scientists joining from Harwell in 1973. This is an on-going work, being frequently modified and extended. Please email me with comments.

Neutron and X-ray CCD cameras

NeutronOptics is a small Grenoble company managed by Alan Hewat, specialising in CCD scintillator cameras for both neutrons and X-rays. These cameras are much more sensitive than ordinary CCD cameras, since the image is integrated continuously by the camera electronics with exposures ranging from 0.5 msec to several minutes. Sensitive CCD cameras are also supplied for astronomical observation.

Making Matter - The atomic structure of materials

For several years after 2000, these were the ILL's most visited WWW pages. The interactive 3D illustrations use the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) with OpenGL both devloped by Silicon Graphics (SGI). VRML can still be displayed even with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows-7 base model computers using the original SGI plugin CosmoPlayer, as described on the NIST VRML site

400+ scientific publications with citation numbers

They include the ILL's most highly cited papers on high-Tc superconductivity. The 1987 ILL-CNRS D1A paper on the structure of the 90K superconductor YBa2Cu3O7 was the most highly cited experimental paper in the year following its publication, but the 1990 ILL-CNRS-Bell labs D2B paper did even better, with ~900 citations. A selection of papers for download are listed. For copyright reasons, some recent papers are not available, as are lectures before 1999 (pre PowerPoint).

Selected Scientific Publications

1970 Lattice dynamics of ZnO and BeO (thesis work).pdf
1973 Cubic-tetragonal-orthorhombic-rhombohedral ferroelectric transitions in perovskite potassium niobate - neutron powder profile refinement of the structures.pdf
1973 Location of Hydrogen Atoms in ADP by Neutron Powder Profile Refinement.pdf
1973 Soft modes and the structure, spontaneous polarization and Curie constants of perovskite ferroelectrics- tetragonal potassium niobate.pdf
1973 Structure of rhombohedral ferroelectric barium titanate.pdf
1973_The_Rietveld_Program_for_the_Profile_Refinement_of_ Neutron_Diffraction_Powder_Patterns_AERE_R7350-von_Dreele-listings.pdf
1973_The_Rietveld_Program_for_the_Profile_Refinement_of_ Neutron_Diffraction_Powder_Patterns_AERE_R7350-von_Dreele_annotations.pdf
1973_The_Rietveld_Program_for_the_Profile_Refinement_of_ Neutron_Diffraction_Powder_Patterns_AERE_R7350.pdf
1975 Design for a conventional high-resolution neutron powder diffractometer.pdf
1976 D1A, a high resolution neutron powder diffractometer with a bank of mylar collimators.pdf
1976 The structure of orthorhombic SrZrO3 by neutron powder diffraction.pdf
1977 A Neutron Powder Investigation of the Structural Changes in K2SnCl6.pdf
1978 High-temperature phases of SrZrO3.pdf
1978 Structural Phase Transitions in Sodium-Potassium Niobate Solid Solutions by Neutron Powder Diffraction.pdf
1979 Absorption corrections for neutron diffraction.pdf
1979 The Structure and Ferroelastic Phase Transition in BiVO4.pdf
1979 The crystal structure of deuteroammonia between 2 and 180 K by neutron powder profile refinement.pdf
1979 The crystal structure of phase II ammonium nitrate.pdf
1980 The Structure of Phase III Ammonium Nitrate.pdf
1980 The temperature dependence of the structures of RbCaF3, and the determination of the low temperature phases.pdf
1981 Structural and Magnetic Transitions in K2ReCl6.pdf
1982 The Structure of Dehydrated Na ZeoliteA (Si-Al=1.09) by Neutron Profile Refinement.pdf
1983 Neutron diffraction and small-angle scattering studies of graphite-nickel chloride intercalation compounds.pdf
1983 The Individual Counter Array.pdf
1984 A neutron powder diffraction study of the crystal and magnetic structures of ilvaite from 305 K to 5 K - a mixed valence iron silicate with an electronic transition .htm
1984 Shelter Island workshop on Advanced Neutron Sources - Jorgensen, Cox, Hewat, Yelon.pdf
1984 Temperature dependence of the structure and bonding in deuterated Cu(II) Tutton's salt .pdf
1984 The Crystl Structures of PbO.PbXO4 (X = S, Cr, Mo) at 5K by Neutron Powder Profile Refinement.pdf
1985 Redetermination of the Crystal Structure of alpha-Bi203.3MoO3 by Neutron Diffraction and the Catalytic oxidation of Propene.pdf
1986 A neutron diffraction study of LaCoO3 in the temperature range 4.2-1248 K.pdf
1986 D2B, A New High Resolution Neutron Powder Diffractormeter at ILL Grenoble.pdf
1987 Structural phase transitions in sodium-potassium niobate solid solutions by neutron powder diffraction.pdf
1987 Structure of the 100 K Superconductor Ba2YCu3O7 between (5-300) K by Neutron Powder.pdf
1987 Structures of superconducting Ba2YCu3O7 and semiconducting Ba2YCu3O6 between 25C and 750C.pdf
1988 A note on the symmetry and Bi valence of the superconductor Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2O8.pdf
1988 A study of the Cu-O chains in the high Tc superconductor YBa2Cu3O7 by high resolution neutron powder diffraction.pdf
1988 Magnetic ordering in the high-temperature superconductor GdBa2Cu3O7.pdf
1988 Preparation and neutron diffraction of superconducting 'tetragonal' and non-superconducting orthorhombic Tl2Ba2Cu1O6.pdf
1988 Structure and superstructure of the superconductor Tl2Ca1Ba2Cu2O8 by neutron and electron diffraction.pdf
1988 Superstructure of the superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 by high resolution electron microscopy.pdf
1988 Verification of the triclinic crystal structure of kaolinite.pdf
1989 A model for the superstructure of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8.2.pdf
1989 Low temperature anomalies and pressure effects on the structure and Tc of the superconductor YBa2Cu4O8 (Tc=80 K).pdf
1989 Structural Changes of the Superconductor YBazCu307 by Cobalt Substitution. A high resolution Neutron Powder Diffraction Study.pdf
1990 A structural distortion in the 123-superconductor isomorph LaBa2(Cu2Nb)O8.pdf
1990 Crystal Structure, Atomic Ordering and Charge Localization in Pb2Sr2Y1-xCaxCu3O8+d (x=O, d=1.47).pdf
1990 High resolution neutron powder diffraction investigation of temperature and pressure effects on the structure of the high-Tc superconductor Y2Ba4Cu7O15.pdf
1990 Structural and Magnetic transitions in K2ReCl6 (unpublished).pdf
1990 Structural anomalies, oxygen ordering and superconductivity in oxygen deficient Ba2YCu3Ox.pdf
1991 A structural model for the relaxor PbMg0.3Nb0.7O3 at 5 K.pdf
1991 X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of the diffuse phase transition in PbMg0.3Nb0.7O3 ceramics.pdf
1997 A neutron powder investigation of the high-temperature structure and phase transition in stoichiometric LiNbO3.pdf
2000 Low-temperature crystal and magnetic structures of the chain-ladder composite material Sr0.4Ca13.6Cu24+yO41+z Hole redistribution and antiferromagnetic order.pdf
2002 Neutrons and New Materials - A review of ILL research with potential industrial applications.pdf
2002 Phase coexistence in the charge ordering transition in CaMn7O12.pdf
2002 Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis of Ti3SiC2- I, Ultra-High-Speed Neutron Diffraction Study of the Reaction Mechanism.pdf
2004 DRACULA - An ILL Diffractometer for Rapid Acquisition - ILL Millennium Programme.pdf
2004 Size-strain line-broadening analysis of the ceria round-robin sample.pdf
2006 CYCLOPS - A proposed high flux CCD neutron diffractometer - ILL Millennium Programme.pdf
2006 High flux diffractometers on reactor neutron sources - ICNS Sydney.pdf
2006 OrientExpress - A new system for Laue neutron diffraction.pdf
2007 Atomic displacements in BiFeO3 as a function of temperature- neutron diffraction study.pdf
2011 CYCLOPS - a reciprocal-space explorer based on CCD neutron detectors.pdf
2015 Inexpensive Neutron Imaging Cameras using CCDs for Astronomy.pdf
2019 An efficient camera for fast neutrons.pdf
2019 One Inch CCD Cameras for Neutron and X-ray Imaging.pdf

Selected Presentations

1987 HiTc Superconductors - Perth IUCr Invited Lecture.pdf
1999-07 The Impact of Informatics - Oxford Neutron Conference.pdf
1999-08 30 Years of Rietveld Refinement - IUCr Rietveld,Hewat,Izumi,Louer,Fitch.pdf
1999-08 The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database ICSD Lecture - IUCr Glasgow.pdf
1999-08 The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database ICSD Poster - IUCr Glasgow.pdf
1999-10 Does Structure Matter - ILL Science Council.pdf
2000 Handbook on Superconductors - Neutron Techniques.pdf
2000-06 The ILL Millennium Programme - AINSI.pdf
2000-07 Neutron Powder Diffraction - Yesa.pdf
2000-08 Neutron Powder Diffraction and Novel Materials - Zuoz.pdf
2000-09 Islamic Academy of Sciences - Recorded Lecture.pdf
2000-11 High Resolution Powder Diffractometer (HRPD) Design - Beijing.pdf
2000-11 Neutrons and New Materials - Beijing, Taiwan.pdf
2000-11 The ILL Diffraction Group - Beijing.pdf
2000-11 The Millennium Programme at ILL - Beijing.pdf
2001-02 Neutrons, X-rays & the Environment - ILL-ESRF Conference.pdf
2001-12 The ILL Millennium Programme - a Bridge to ESS - Lund.pdf
2002 Neutron Diffraction and the Structure of New Materials - EMSAT Encyclopedia.pdf
2002 Neutrons and New Materials.pdf
2002-08 Databases Linked to Electronic Publications - IUCr Geneva.pdf
2002-1 The ILL Millennium Programme in Diffraction (NMUM).pdf
2002-10 Peter Fischer, Powder Diffraction and Superconductors - PSI Zurich.pdf
2002-11 While Waiting for ESS - Argonne.pdf
2003-04 Neutron-Diffraction - Budapest.pdf
2003-04 The ILL MillenniumProgramme, a Bridge to ESS - Budapest.pdf
2003-06 Spain - a Major Partner of ILL - ILL New Partners Day.pdf
2004-03 Materials Research at CCLRC European Labs - IOP London.pdf
2004-09 Structure and Materials - Kracow.pdf
2004-09 Super D2B - A High Resolution 2D Neutron Detector - Prague-EPDIC9.pdf
2004-10 The Future of ILL Diffraction Instruments.pdf
2005-04 High Flux Neutron Diffractometers - BCA Loughborough.pdf
2005-06 Conference on EPSRC-ILL Millennium Projects.pdf
2005-11 High Flux Diffractometers on Reactors ICNS Sydney.pdf
2006-04 High Flux NeutronDiffractometersat ILL, BCA Lancaster.pdf
2006-05 Structural Phase Transitions - ILL Student Lecture.pdf
2006-05 The Inorganic Crystal Structure Database ICSD - ILL Student Lecture.pdf
2006-07 How can Europe compete with SNS - ACA Honolulu.pdf
2007-01 Simple CCD Cameras - FRMII Munich.pdf
2010-06 CCD Neutron Detectors - FRMII Munich.pdf
2015 Hugo Rietveld in 1971-The Rebirth of Powder Diffraction and the Developement of New Techniques (Delft invited seminar).pdf

Selected Instrument Publications and Presentations

1974 ILL rejects the original D2B proposal.pdf
1987 ILL-ISIS High Resolution Powder Diffractometer Comparison.pdf
CYCLOPS - A proposed high flux CCD neutron diffractometer.pdf
CYCLOPS - a reciprocal-space explorer based on CCD neutron detectors.pdf
D2B Super Hewat 2000+ proposal.pdf
D2B or Not-to-Be Schildt Presentation 2000.pdf
DRACULA, PASTIS and VIVALDI on H12 - Millennium Project Proposal.pdf
ICARE - In Defence of ICARE - A High Speed Powder Diffractometer.pdf

Other Papers and Presentations

1964_A.W. Pryor_(computations_by_A.W._Hewat)_Tables_of_Functions_which_occur_in_the_Theory_of_Thermal_Vibrations.pdf
1986 The Future of Australian Neutron Scattering - Teggart.pdf
1997 CRYSTIN fortran code by Hundt & Sievers adapted by A .Hewat for ICSD OnLine.f
1997 Nomination of Dr T.M. Sabine to the Australian Academy of Science.pdf
2001 B.Jacrot - A brief history of the beginnings of the ILL.htm
2003 ICSD-for-WWW, a crystallographic database on the WWW.pdf
2007 Terry Sabine - The Passing of a Neutron Pioneer.pdf
2007 Who was Monsieur Bertaut - Bertaut Prize Ceremony Lecture Lund 2007 - A.W. Hewat.pdf
2011 The Passing of the Father of Neutron Diffraction in Europe - G.E. Bacon (Neutron News).pdf