Mentions of "Hewat" or related spellings in the old records in Edinburgh. Casual search by Alan W. Hewat in ~1980.

Registrum Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum

Calender of Border Papers vol 1 1560-1594

1390-91	Nicholai Herwart

1467	John Huet, Master of a 160 ton ship in Normandy
		William Huet #1372

1523	Ric. Howat, Edin. 7 Jan RMSRS #246

1523	Ric. Howat No.246 Apud Edinburgh, 7 Jan 

	Hewat (Hewit cf Ewat) Petrus 1316, 2396
		notarius 1918-20,2005, 2383,2398,2657,2914, 2978
		scriba signeti regii 2646
1537	Joh. Hewat (Howat) pro quolibet subscriptorum 40 lib. RMSRS #1711

1537	No.1711 Apud Edinburgh, 31 Aug. Joh. Hewat (Howat)
		(pro quolibet subscriptorum 40 lib.) 
1537	Joh. Hewat (cf Howat #17110

1564	Pet. Hewat (Hewit cf Ewat) scriba signeti regii 1576 Edin.

1564	Petro Hewat 24 Aug 2396	

1565	Patricius Hewart notarius publicus at Edinburgh

1567	Peter Hewat, public notary July - Accounts Treasurer Scot. 1566-67
		Peter Ewat (Hewat) writer 6 pounds 13/4 pays composition
1567	Stephen Hewat, master cook to the Queen Dec. Account Treasury p91

1568	Petro Hewat, notario publica 2 Jan Edinb.1918	

1569	Peter Ewat, bastard, natural son of James Ewat 
		ij(m) viij(c) | xxxxij #.x.s

1576	Petro Hewit 14 Feb 2646	Edin. 1316	

1580 	Feb 14 #93 Musters of Cumberland Ward, Dalston Barony etc.
		"Reserweu" Thomas Hewat (Hewit) p55	
		"Rockelife" Jam. Hewet, Mic. Hewit, Edward Hewit, John Hewit, 
			George Hewit p59.

1585	Peter Hewat writer to the signet and Andro Hewat Burgess of Peebles
			Complaint registered
1587	Malcom Hewat, 12 May

1593	Issobel Hewatt received 300 marks 20 June
		Andrew Hewat Burgess of Peebles #502
1600	Hewat, Peter minister church. 
		Mentioned in Burton, History of Scotland V, 341.

1603	Katherinam Hewat 21 Mar #1430

1605	Peter Hewat, writer in Edinburgh

1605	Androw Hewat "pewderar"  Burgess of Edinburgh gave 500 marks to 
			2 other merchants to carry cloth to England
	Andrew Hewat "puderar" Burgess of Edin., 1000 marks to Thomas Cumming
1615	Peter Hewat, minister of Edin. pub. treatise "3 excellent points of 
		Christian Doctrine" Edin. 1621 see Calderwood
1617	Pet. Hewat scriba signeti regii Edin. 28 July 1617
		Hewat (Hewatt) Petrus scriba signeti in Edinburgh No. 1667
		Petrus Hewat, minister apud Edin. No. 215
1617	carta scripta per Petrum Hewat, scibam regii in Edin. 28 Jul
			also 6 March 1621 but not mentioned from 1634 on.

1617	Peter Hewat presentation of petition to King
			Abbott of Crossraguel & sitting in parliament
1619	Peter Hewat banished to Crossraguel by the King
			(also all other spellings used freely)
1621	Petrus Hewat 7 Mar notario publico scriba signeti regii 4 Mar 1594

1622	Isobelle hewat 21 Mar

1628	Petrus Hewat 30 Jul #1313

1629	Petrus Hewat 29 Apr #1479

1678	Hewat, John, merchant, Edin. 
			Garantee Bond Deed 2 Nov, Office Dal. 47, 85.
		Hewat, James, merchant Glasgow, 
			Garantee Bond Deed 19 Dec Office Dal 44, 149.

1753	Hewat, George, merchant in Newcastle, 
		Geo. Hewat (son of), a Bailie of St. Andrews

Index of Record of Services of Heirs

1801 Hewat, John, baker in Linton, to father James H. baker June 30 1839 Richard Hewat of Birkhillside to his father Richard H. nephew of Col. Shillinglaw record 17 Jan 1839 No.34 17 Jan 1843 Peter Hewat, sailor of Liverpool to his father Peter H. writer to the signet - Heir General recod 12 Jan 1844 No.10 4 Dec 1862 John Hewat, farmer Dalcome Mains Berwickshire to Andrew H. his brother Surgeon Lander who died 1 Dec 1852 - Heir of Compt. Genl. Hewat, Andrew Macewan in Leith to Jane H. 1864 Richard Hewat & 3 more, Toronto, once in Australia 11 Apr 1866 Hewat, Samuel, Lathsplitter Edin. spelled Hewit in 1873 1874 Hewat, Agnes to bro. James and Richard, sons of Richard (died 16 Dec 1861), Surgeon, Earlstow, Berwicks 30 Nov (Barbara, Christina) Hewat, Henry in Hawick to bro. James & Richard (Isabella) Hewat, James Richard at Hamilton, Australia to bro. James & Richard, sons Richard, surgeon 1874 Thomas Hewat at Ballarat, Aust. to bro. James & Richard, sons Richard, surgeon 30 Nov 1887 Hewat, Andrew to mother Margaret Christian Marshall (wife of John Hewat, Edin.) who died 30 Jan 1886) 29 June (Archibald, Beatrix, Christian Smith, Eliza Jane, Govan, James, Kirkwood, the Rev. mother Margaret etc., Margaret Agnes (brother John Hewat, merchant, Leith died 26 May 1880) William Marshall 1898 Mary Hewat (or Blair) Aberdeen 1 Nov 1900 Hewat, Richard Andrew James, North Adams, Massa. USA to brother Thomas H. in Melrose, who died 1 Nov 1899 (11 April) 1905 Hewit, John George at Marymar, Kilmalcom, to father John Heugh Hewit, Merchant Glasgow (25 Mar)