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Hewat/Hogg Gravestones in Roxburgh Churchyard

Extracted from the Roxburghshire Monumental Inscriptions IX  (Family History Society 1993)

Sacred to the Memory of the Revd. ROBERT HOGG, late minister of the gospel
at Roxburgh, who died 2nd Feb. 1787 in the 77th year of his age and 46th of his Ministry.
Also his daughter, CHRISTIAN HOGG, who died at SUNLAWS-HILL 4th August
1834 aged 79 years.

Immediately behind the church on the East side
190 Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER HOGG formerly tenant in
Homebank who died 30.8.1823 in the 78th year of his age and ISABELLA
YOUNG his spouse died 2.5.1819 aged 70 years also ARCHIBALD HOGG
their son died 28.12.1802 aged 14 years also ANDREW HOGG who died
in infancy also ELISABETH HOGG their daughter died 25.9.1832 aged 55
years also ROBERT HOGG their son died 15.10.1833 aged 62 years also
ANDREW HOGG their son died at Birgam 9.3.1838 aged 17 years also
HELEN HOGG their daughter died at Elwartlaw 5.6.1847 aged 61 years
also MARY HOGG their daughter died 9.9.1848 aged 72 years also
ALEXANDER HOGG their fourth son who died at Elwartlaw 26.1.1851
aged 70 years.

Reverse: Also in memory of JOHN HOGG son of the said parents who
died at Elwartlaw 3.3.1858 aged 75 years and ISABELLA HOGG who
died at Greenlaw 20.6.1863 aged 68 years.

On the rear wall of the church on the East side
191 Plaque: Here Lyes a family of the name of HOGG that has resided in this
parish as heretofor more than 600 years as old records do attest were
portioners both in Upper and Neither Roxburgh until about 1725. Here Lyes
WILLIAM HOGG portioner and JEAN SEATON his spouse. JOHN HOGG portioner
and VARONA KER his spouse. ALEXANDER HOGG and BETTY MEIN his spouse.

The Hewat graves are immediately to the east of those of the Hoggs, at the rear of the church.

Immediately to the East of the above, a large well preserved stone
208 Sacred to the memory of HENRY HEWAT tenant in Cowendenknows
Mains born 2.10.1753 died 26.12.1845 also ISABELLA HOGG his
spouse born 11.11.1757 died 29.5.1817 also CHRISTIAN HEWAT their
daughter born 10.2.1793 died 13.8.1833 also ANDREW and ISABELLA
their children who died in infancy.

Another large well preserved stone to the right of the above
209 Symbolic stone: Sacred to the memory of RICHARD HEWAT who was
an honest and industrious man and a sincere and devout christian. He was
born 19.5.1707 and died 10.10.1776.

Parish records of the birth of Richard's son Andrew August 18th 1750 describe Richard as "Tennant of Ettrick Braes", which is a small cottage and farm just East of the old church of Makerstoun (see 1858 Map).  Prior to about 1745, Richard's children were christened in Roxburgh.  The cottage is now privately owned by Mr Henderson. Returning after the American revolution, Andrew ended up in Mertoun Newstead and then Dalcove Mains, both only 2-3 km to the West (see the 1999 Ordnance Survey Map 2cm to 1km). Old Dalcove can now be rented for 220 pounds/week as a holiday/fishing cottage from the Mertoun Estate. The present house at Dalcove Mains may not have been there in Andrew's time. There is also a Dalcove cottage near the Dalcove Mains house.

A small richly decorated stone immediately to the east of the above
210 Symbolic stone: Here Lyis JAMES HEWAT tennant in Barns who died
August 1745. The inscription is hard to read, and the age vis missing.

Barns means "Roxburgh Barns" which in 1999 is now a large farm just south of the ancient castle of Roxburgh, which is itself just south of Kelso and its "modern" castle Floors (Fleurs), home of the Duke of R. (see the 1999 Ordnance Survey Map 2cm to 1km).  If James Hewat had 2.5 lands (1 husbandland=33 English acres) and had aquired more with the Heuit Bussiness , he may have farmed about 0.5 square km, much of the land between the rivers at that point.

The following 3 stones of similar size and alongside the above
211 Stone covered with ivy and inscription no longer legible.

212 Broken symbolic stone.

213 Inscription no longer legible.

Four stones within a roofless stone burial vault immediately to the East of the above 4 stones and probably partly covering the above graves
214 Erected to the memory of ROBERT KERR Esq. of Chatto and Sunlaws
who died at Nice 5.12.1831 by his widow. Also of ELIZABETH BELL
FYFFE his wife died 10.1.1867 and their children ANN died 12.2.1888
MADELINE died 3.1.1892 ELIZABETH died 11.5.1892 AGNES wife of
L. BAYLEY Esqr. died 26.3.1893 MARGARET died 10.6.1893 and four
sons who died in infancy.

Alan William Hewat (alan.hewat@gmail.com)