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Andrew Hewat's claim, Alexander's manuscript

Manuscript letter of Andrew's claim for losses on his property, by his agent brother Alexander. Public Record Office AO 13/138 and AO 12/5 courtesy of Victoria Dunlop.

Georgia H.

To the Honourable the Commissioners appointed by Act of Parliament for enquiring into the Losses & Services of American Loyalists.

The Memorial of Andrew Hewat, late of the Province of Georgia, Planter, by his Agent Alexander Hewat


That your Memorialist had been a Resident and Planter in Georgia for several years prior to and during the time of the late unhappy Dissentions in America, and because he conducted himself as became a Loyal and faithful Subject of the British Government, and refused to take up Arms with the American Insurgents against his King and Country, was compelled to leave the Province.

That your Memorialist in the year 1779 returned to Georgia upon the Reduction of Savanna by his Majesty's Arms, and there at great Expense raised a Company for his Majesty's Service in the Corps commanded by James Wright Esq. Junior; and as Captain of the said Company on every Occasion discharged his Duty with Honour activity & Diligence until the peace

That your Memorialist, being included in the list of the American Legislature subjecting his person to pains, & his Estate to Forfeiture, has in consequence of the Cession of Georgia to obtain peace, lost all his Property in that Province and been obliged with other Loyalists to take refuge in Nova Scotia where he is at present; Therefore your Memorialist humbly prays the Honourable Commissioners to take his Case into Consideration that he may be enabled under their Report to obtain such aid and relief, as his Services and Losses may be found to deserve; And your Memorialist as in duty bound shall ever pray etc.

Andrew Hewat.

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