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Andrew Hewat's evidence in support of his claim

Evidence in support of Andrew's claim for losses on his property, sworn in Nova Scotia (courtesy of Victoria Dunlop).

Halifax 15th April 1786.


on the Claim of Andw. Hewat, late of Georgia.

Claimant Sworn

Saith he is a native of Scotland, went to Georgia in 1773 and was settled there on breaking out of Troubles; lived on a place of his own; Signed no Associations and took no Oaths. In January 1778 was ordered to quit the State on account of having refused to take the Oath of the States.

Went on this order to South Carolina, remained there until British took Savannah, then joined the British, raised a Company in the Georgia Loyalists. Served the whole War until Seconded. Has now Half Pay.

Produces Order in January 1778 to quit the States.

Produces Certificate dated February 1784 from James Wright Major, King's Carolina Rangers that Claimant had raised 100 Men and Served till 1782 when he was Seconded.

Produces Letter from Major Wright dated St. Augustine January 1783 speaking of Claimant in Terms of Commendation.

Withdraws Claim for Houses built on Mr Brisbane's Property in 1778.

Claimant was possessed of three Negroes, bought one in 1773, two others some time afterwards in Georgia.

One was taken by a party of Rebels from St. Johns in East Florida in 1781; he was in Mr Penton's possession, employed by him; another was left in South Carolina, when Claimant returned to Georgia. Claimant lost him, could not find him when he went away, heard afterwards somebody had taken him and sold him.

Third left him at Savannah, and was taken afterwards by some body or other. Values them at 50 Sterling each.

Two Barrels Indigo left at Savannah in 1778 when ordered to leave the State. Were sent to Mr Stewart to put by, knows not what became of it. Value 18 pp Barrel.

Fifty Six Barrels of Rice, most of it in same situation as the Indigo. 15 of the 56 Barrels left in South Carolina and taken by the Rebels. Value 2 Sterling pp Barrel.

Lost 80 Head of Cattle, left in Georgia with Mr Adam Fowler Brisbane; they had bought a Stock between them, and Claimant left his Share with him; he was a Rebel and now lives in the States.

Claimant knows not what he has done with them. Values them at 240 Sterling.

Hogs and Sheep left in South Carolina when he went away taken by the Rebels. Value 33 Sterling.

Two Horses left in South Carolina on a Farm where Claimant lived.

Tools and Furniture and Books left at an House built on Mr Brisbane's Estate in South Carolina. Value 50.

Claimant's Name is in the Act of Confiscation in Georgia - there has been no Confiscation of his Property - he sold a great deal.

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