11 May 1997

Result of Andrew Hewat's claim

The official judgment of Andrew's claim for losses - 735 pounds Sterling was claimed, and only 95 pounds awarded (for one slave and personal effects). Public Record Office AO 12/59 courtesy of Victoria Dunlop.

1st Report. Capt. Andrew Hewat late of Georgia.


Amount of Property                                    735 " " 

Determination 15th April 1786

Loyalty. The claimant is a Loyalist & bore Arms in Support of the British Government.


Perl. Estate.   1 Negroe left in So. Carolina when  
                  he fled to the British Troops         45 " "
                  Various Articles of Personal
                  Property left in S. Carolina          50
                                                       95 " "

Claims Withdrawn

The Claims for Buildings erected on Property not his own.

Claims disallowed

The Claims for 2 Negroes which were Runaways.
The Claims for Stock in Copartnership with Adam Fowler Brisbane who took part with the Americans & was in Possession of this Property.
The Claim for a Quantity of Indigo & Rice, there being no Proof of Loss.


Receives half Pay as Captain.
Confiscation prov'd.
Resides at Shelburne.

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