28 April 2015

UK Public Record Office (PRO) Guide

The UK National Archives in Kew (45 minutes by train from London) contains in particular American Land Grants and Loyalist Claims" and other documents pertaining to Alexander and Andrew Hewat's involvement in the "American Revolution, British Army Pension Records and many other records.

Records of British-American officers,1783-1813, on half pay (such as Andrew) are in WO 24/748-762. Widows' applications for pensions together with service details of officers covering the period, 1760-1818, are to be found in WO 25/3090-3108. These records are arranged alphabetically. A nominal card index for WO 25/3090-3108 can be found in the Research Enquiries Room. Registers of those receiving widows' pensions and Drouly Annuities, 1815-1892, are in WO 23/105-112.

Indexes to widows' pensions covering 1748-1811 can be found in WO 25/3120-3123, details given in the index include name of widow, husband's name, rank, regiment and in some cases marriage details. This is probably where Victoria found details of Andrew's marriage - in Elizabeth's War Office (pension) file at the PRO.

Records of pensions to widows of full pay officers, 1735-1811, are in WO 25/3020-3045. Records of pensions to widows of half pay officers, 1755-1778, are in WO 25/3046-3058. Ledgers of payment of widow's pensions and Drouly annuities, 1713-1829, are in WO 24/804-883 and ledgers for 1808-1920 are in the class PMG 11.

There are leaflets describing all of these collections, and of special interest are the family history and genealogy guides.

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